Radon Mitigation for New Constructions

Cook’s Radon has installed radon mitigation systems in residential and commercial buildings for over 15 years. We guarantee your compliance with all applicable regulations—from local ordinances to state and federal guidelines.

Everyone Wins!

Building new homes “plumbed” for a radon mitigation system really provides a public health service for your buyers. Using common materials and straightforward techniques, builders can construct new homes that are resistant to radon entry. Radon mitigation systems installed after construction are significantly more expensive than those installed during construction. This saves both you and the future homeowner money!

Radon-resistant features are a great selling point for home-buyers, especially those who are health-concious. Set yourself apart from the competition!

Radon Mitigation Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

As a family-run small business, we understand that you want less to worry about—not more. That’s why our certified and experienced radon professionals are happy to guide you through every step of our process, ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations. As always, estimates and consultations are available at no extra charge, so feel free to call us with any questions you might have!