Certified Radon Testing

Whether you’re buying a new home or have lived in your current home for years, radon tests are an important measure to ensure your safety. Cook’s Radon provides certified radon tests for both residential homes and commercial buildings, all at an affordable price.

Why Do I Need a Radon Test?

Radon gas is colorless and odorless, allowing it to often go undetected. As it is the leading cause of lung cancer, second only smoking, we want to ensure your safety from radon gas. Testing allows us to identify whether mitigation will be necessary.

The testing process is remarkably simple: our certified professionals will install a Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM)—or multiple, if necessary—which measures radon concentrations in the air several times every hour. Our state-of-the-art monitors are independently tested and callibrated to NRPP standards every year, ensuring the accuracy of our test results.

Testing with CRM test allows us to get an understanding of the radon levels in your home. If radon mitigation is determined to be necessary, Cook’s Radon offers mitigation strategies that can adapt to any building, schedule, or budget. Radon gas exposure remains the second leading cause of lung cancer. We want to help change that.

A Cook's Radon certified radon test.

Frequently Asked Questions


For residential homes, our short-term tests start at $175 for one unit, or $50 for each additional unit, if needed. Most homes will only need one or two tests. For commercial buildings or multifamily homes, please call our office so we can provide you with an estimate tailored specifically to your needs, at no cost.

For long-term testing options, please contact us.