Cook’s Radon (hereinafter CR) warranties the fan and components against defects for a period of five (5) years from date of installation. So long as the fan and components are operating as designed, CR warrants that an average of radon gas levels from soil gas based on measurements from an alpha track device deployed for a minimum of ninety-one (91) at least one (1) time every one (1) year by a National Environmental Health Association(hereinafter “NEHA) certified testing company and paid for by Customer, which is deployed in accordance with the current EPA protocols applicable to the measurement being conduction, shall be below the Compliance level on the proposal. Should the result of any measurement be in excess of the Compliance Level, and all phases of work completed, CR will perform necessary repairs to the system with warranty recompliance determined by use of short-term measurements. CR reserves the right to conduct its own measurement before additional work is conducted under the provisions contained herein.

This warranty does not cover any system that has been damaged or whose performance has been compromised by natural hazards, including but not limited to geological changes, or any modification, alterations, additions or mistreatment This warranty does not cover foundation areas of structures not specified herein. Customer is responsible for the cost of diagnosing and repairing cracks or other faults that did not exist or were not observable at time of Mitigation

It does not guarantee reduction of radon concentrations that may arise due to the entry of radon from building materials and/or water supplies to the home or the presence of rock specimens that the customer may bring into the home

This warranty is made specifically to Customer; however, this warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the Property. Transfer of this warranty may be executed by notifying CR of new owner information. CR does not charge a warranty transfer processing fee.

In order to maintain the reduction provisions of this warranty, customer shall be responsible for providing a copy of the results from each warranty compliance test conducted on or before expiration of current compliance period. Each one (1) year compliance period is calculated from the first day of the month following the original installation date. Failure to provide warranty compliance measurement results as outlined herein shall render the reduction provisions of this warranty null and void.

Cook’s Radon shall make available an optional extended warranty to ensure installed system is maintained properly and continues to function as designed. In addition to conducting an annual inspection and performing general maintenance, the optional extended warranty shall include the warranty compliance testing necessary to maintain the warranted reduction provisions.