If your home has tested positive for high levels of radon gas, a common practice is to schedule a radon mitigation contractor to inspect your residence. They should offer a detailed strategy for removing the radon gas and an estimate for their services. Be sure to ask for pictures of all previous work the contractor has done and make sure they answer any and all questions you may have about your specific job.


Choosing the Right System

Upon hiring a mitigation company, the contractor should begin performing diagnostic tests in your home. This allows the specialist to detect many elements in regards to the radon levels in your home, and to design the proper radon mitigation system for your home.

It is the contractor’s duty to choose the right mitigation system for your home, and to ensure the system works as designed. After the installation, the contractor will need to monitor the system to ensure it is working properly. If the system does not lower the radon levels in your home – and sometimes this can happen – they must take the proper measures to remedy the problem. In some cases this would mean installing a second system, or tweaking the original one.

After Installation

Once the radon mitigation system installation is complete, a radon contractor can and will test radon levels in your home. However, to avoid any conflict of interest, you might want an outside firm to verify the success of the new mitigation system as well, or you can do another in-home radon test on your own.

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