What is the Cost of Radon Testing?

So you’ve learned about the hazards of radon gas. Now it’s time to get your home tested. The EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend that every home in the United States be tested for radon, regardless of location and foundation type. Radon testing takes just 48 hours and will not interfere with your daily routine and lifestyle.

What is the cost of radon testing kit?Radon testing kits are inexpensive. Low-cost “do-it-yourself” radon test kits available through on-line retail outlets, and at hardware and other home improvement retail outlets. You can also get a test kit through the University of Georgia.

If you care to protect your family from the health risks of radon gas exposure, the first step to take is to get a test kit and test your home for radon gas. Knowing and understanding your home’s average indoor radon level will highlight your health risks and determine whether you need to reduce your exposure.


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Cook’s Radon – What is The Cost of Radon Testing?
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