Does Foundation Type Affect Radon Entry?

Because radon can literally be sucked into a home, any home can potentially have a radon problem. All conventional house construction types have been found to have radon levels exceeding the action level of 4 pCi/L. So just how does radon get in your home?


Homes with a Basement

For homes with a basement, radon can enter through floor-to-wall joints, control joints and cracks in the slab.


Homes with a Crawlspace

The vacuums that exist within a home can suck radon into a crawl space, even with adequate crawlspace vents.


Homes on a Slab

Home built on slab foundations have just as many openings to allow radon to enter as do basements.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are affected by radon, too. Unless they’re built on piers without any skirting, interior air-flow vacuums can cause radon gas to enter mobile homes as well.

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