No Basement – No Need to Worry?

One of the common misconceptions about radon gas in the home that we hear from homeowners is this one:

I don’t have a basement, so I don’t need to worry about radon gas.

Do you have radon gas in the basement

Somehow this myth developed – the idea that radon gas was only a problem for homes with basements. We’re not sure how the myth originated, but unfortunately, all types of homes can have radon problems, including homes with and without basements. Old homes and new homes all are subject to the levels of radon gas eminating from the ground in your neighborhood. The Georgia radon map can alert us to the probabilities for radon gas in your location, but the only way to really know is to have your home tested.

“I Never Go Down There …”

A related misconception about radon gas and basements is this one:

I’m safe from radon because I don’t spend much time in my basement.

Unfortunately, radon gas in the basement can leak through the cracks and voids of any home. And, if your hvac ductwork runs though your basement or crawlspace, whenever the furnace fan runs, radon gas can be easily carried throughout the house. Staying out of the basement doesn’t keep you safe.


Start with a Test

There are many factors that will determine whether your home is more likely to test positive for radon than the rest of your neighborhood. Each home is unique with regard to soil conditions, how radon enters the house, and home ventilaton systems. Eventhough your neighbors may test negative for radon, your home may not. The only way to determine your home’s exposure is with a test.

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