Could the Odor of Radon Gas Save Your Life?

Unfortunately not. One of the deadliest aspects of radon gas is that it has no smell. Unlike mold or other natural gases that can alert you to their presence by smell, radon gas is completely odorless.


Don’t Take Chances

Does radon smell? No - you need to test for radon gas.

The only way to detect the presence of radon in your home or business is to have your property tested with a radon test kit. As we discussed in a previous post, the cost of radon testing is negligible. And because your life depends on it, the importance of an accurate test is crucial to your family’s well being. Don’t take chances.

If You Have a Radon Problem, Cook’s Is Ready

If the results of your radon testing kit prove positive for high levels of radon, the next course of action is to mitigate the radon. Cook’s has several residential radon mitigation systems to remedy gas exposure in your home. The exact type of system is dependent on the unique construction of your home. We can certainly recommend the appropriate system for you.


We Are Certified

Obviously, certification and remodeling experience are skill sets that you consider when installing a radon mitigation system. Rest assured – our technicians are certified and fully trained.


Get Tested

Detecting radon is the first step. Because you can’t see it, smell it or touch it, radon is a silent and very deadly gas.

Don’t take chances with your the health and welfare of your family. Contact Cook’s Radon today to get a radon test kit and have your home tested for radon. We know how to check for radon gas.

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