Several Factors at Work

So you’ve determined that your house has high levels of radon gas. The next step is to remedy your exposure by installing a radon mitigation system. Of course the final price will depend on the size of your home, the location and the radon mitigation method chosen. In general, though, the average cost of radon mitigation can range from about $800 – $3000. However, compared with the cost of medical bills of someone with lung cancer or even the loss of life, the cost of radon mitigation is really insignificant. Even maintenance for a system is inexpensive.

Start with a Test

There are many factors that will determine whether your home is more likely to test positive for radon than the rest of your neighborhood. Each home is unique with regard to soil conditions, how radon enters the house, and home ventilaton systems. Eventhough your neighbors may test negative for radon, your home may not. The only way to determine your home’s exposure is with a test.

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